INTRODUCTION Founded in the 70’s, the PRIMARISTIC® is a discipline of general interest, being necessary to each of us, at any age, in health and in sickness.

PRIMARISTIC® analyses and supports the normal senso-motoric development and maturation. The senso-motoric development is the basis of a balanced functioning of the whole organism and the guarantee of the fulfilment of our superior capacities. The senso-motoric distortions appear as a consequence of the action of the Primary Reflexes after birth. This represents one of the insufficiently know premises of health’s limitation and also the background of illness and sufferance. At any age, PRIMARISTIC® makes possible the prevention and the removal of the obstacles appeared as a consequence of the persistence after birth of the Primary Reflexes.


The PRIMARISTIC® is the knowledge and the education of the human senso-motoric development. The senso-motoric development is based on the neurophysiological natural order. The Neurophysiology studies the normal functioning of the nervous system. Senso regards the senses. The nervous system receives and processes the information from the outside and inside of the body. This is its sensory-sensitive function, based on the five senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight and also on the sense of balance, the proprioception and visceral sensibility. Motoric regards the movement The movement is the final response of the organism as a consequence of information processing. Sensation and movement are an inseparable and interdependent unity. The senso-motoric unity is the basis of the proper functioning of the body. It can be disturbed by the action of the Primary Reflexes after birth.


The central concept of PRIMARISTIC® consists of The Primary Reflexes. The nervous reflex is the basic operational mode of the nervous system. The Primary Reflexes are hereditary, inborn, tonic neurological patterns of vital necessity during the intrauterine life. At the foetus this patterns are potential and become active in the moment the mother is moving. The mother’s movements trigger the Primary Reflexes which consist in a sudden contraction of all the foetus’ muscles at once. This makes the foetus’ head and the trunk become a movable unity avoiding the head-trunk torsion during the mother’s movements. The Primary Reflexes are tonic reflexes. They manifest themselves by increased muscle tonus and contraction of the muscles in special muscular patterns. It includes both skeletal muscles and internal organ’s smooth muscles.

At birth, the mission of the Primary Reflexes being fulfilled, they are no longer useful.

After birth, the Primary Reflexes can be anew activated. This occurs by those active or passive baby’s movements that lead to the change of head/trunk position. The activation of the Primary Reflexes after birth becomes an obstacle to the normal senso-motoric development. This is because the altered muscular tonus by the action of the Primary Reflexes leads to alteration of the sensations and perceptions. The altered sensations lead to altered tonus, creating a perpetual vicious circle. The role of PRIMARISTIC® is to avoid this blockage.

MUSCLE TONUS The Muscle Tonus is the tension in the muscles. This tension must be adapted to the functions of the body at any moment. The posture and the movements are the expression of the Muscle Tonus. The Muscle Tonus is influenced by the Primary Reflexes. The Primary Reflexes are tonic reflexes manifesting by the increase of the Muscular Tonus in special muscular patterns. The Muscles Tonus influences the quality of the sensations and perceptions. When the muscular tonus is inadequately increased by the action of the primary reflexes, the quality of the sensations and perceptions is modified. As a consequence the motor response based on altered sensations, will be altered at his turn and so a vicious circle is generated and runs permanently.

PRIMARISTIC® as PROGRAM OF LIFE The emancipation from the primary reflexes can be obtained by the daily practice of a program of exercises created by Helga Pfeiffer-Meisel and called “PRIMARISTIC® – Program of Life”. PRIMARISTIC®- Program of Life is suitable to be practiced during the entire pregnancy. The body of the mother will be properly prepared for delivery. Through the mother’s PRIMARISTIC® exercises the foetus takes benefit too. After birth the mother and her child are continuing this Program of Life. As the child is growing, the practicing of PRIMARISTIC® continues with age adapted exercises. The adults learn the PRIMARISTIC® exercises and practice independently, at their home. So, PRIMARISTIC® – Program of Life is practiced at all ages.


PRIMARISTIC® – Program of Life addresses each person, at any age, healthy or sick, the pregnant woman, new born since the first day of life.

HISTORY PRIMARISTIC® was crystallized since the 70’s, in Germany, and was named as such by Helga Pfeiffer-Meisel (1941-2006), pediatrist physical therapist, the founder of PRIMARISTIC®.






Helga Pfeiffer-Meisel, founder of PRIMARISTIC®

From 2003, PRIMARISTIC® started to be known in Romania by the occasion of the ArsMedica Association’s biannual seminars of homoeopathy held by Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfeiffer, pediatrist and homoeopath, husband and close collaborator of Helga Pfeiffer-Meisel.





Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfeiffer

In Romania the first Course for PRIMARISTIC® Teachers was held by Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfeiffer, during 2012-2014. In December 2014 graduated eight Romanian Teachers of PRIMARISTIC®. They are now teaching PRIMARISTIC® in their cabinets. The course was organised by ArsMedica Association.

WHO TEACHES US PRIMARISTIC®? The PRIMARISTIC® is taught by Teachers of PRIMARISTIC®. The Teachers of PRIMARISTIC® undergo an education program that lasts two years, after which they obtain the Diploma of Teacher of PRIMARISTIC®. The education of The Teachers of PRIMARISTIC® continues with postgraduate biannual seminars and monthly study meetings.


The lessons are individual. In case of new-borns, infants and children the mother will be taught and will be guided to apply PRIMARISTIC® positions on her new-born, baby or child. The duration of a lesson is 45 minutes.


Professional categories taking special benefit of PRIMARISTIC® in their work: MOTHERS Teachers Professors Physicians Psychologists Therapists Artists Sportsmen Trainers Coaches