FIVE DECADES of PRIMARISTIC - 1st International Congress of Primaristic

FIVE DECADES of PRIMARISTIC – 1st International Congress of Primaristic, February 9, 10 – 2019, Vienna, Parliament Levante Hotel



  • Prof. Dr. Herbert PFEIFFER:  History of Primaristic
  • Prof. Dr. Herbert PFEIFFER, Dr. C.M. STURZA: Opening of the Institutul Primaristic România, May 2018
  • Helgard BECKER: Way of a Friendship along with Primaristic
  • Dr. Barbara REUTER: My 34 Years of Experience with Primaristic
  • Dr. Elke MARI: Primaristic in Tremor
  • Steluţa BREBEANU: The Benefits of Primaristic for a 9 m.o. Baby girl with Postvaccinal Seizures
  • Ramona POLE:  Dynamics of the Process of Practicing Primaristic in an 1y.o. Boy with Cerebral Palsy and a 51 y.o. Woman after a Brain Operation
  • Sînziana Tatiana PÉREZ-MATAUSCHEK: P Comes to the Rescue in Learning and Adapting Difficulties
  • Dr. Iuliana Ştefania TABĂRAŞ: “Yes, I do Primaristic with You”
  • Elisabeth SPARWASSER: Primaristic and Interval
  • Dr. Manuela Loredona CRISTESCU: My Experience with Teaching Primaristic Lessons 30 Days in a Row
  • Dr. Marina AFANASIEVA: Opportunities and Prospects of Primaristic
  • Gisela TEICHERT: Making Known Primaristic to Midwives through Lectures
  • Felicia Alexandra GEORGESCU:  Primaristic and the State of Wellbeing

 DAY 2


  • Sînziana Tatiana PÉREZ-MATAUSCHEK, Madi COZORICI, Cristina Gabriela PETRESCU,
  • Alina Maria MANTA, Rodica LESOVICI: Primary Reflexes in Images
  • Dr. Claudia MIRWALD:  Harmonious Aging with Primaristic – an Example of a Couple
  • Alina DABIJA:  PRIMARISTIC- A Better Life in any Age or Health Condition 
  • Dorothée SEIPEL: Primaristic in Three Generations
  •  Sandra KOKINA:  The Oneness of Mother and Child
  • Ruxandra Oana DRĂGHICESCU: Suppresed Emotional Trauma Released by Primaristic
  • Agnija HAZELEJA: Primaristic for a Pregnant Woman with Rapid Pulse
  • Ionela Rodica KÖKTÜRK: Meeting Primaristic
  • Luiza Rodica DUMITRESCU: Why did Primaristic improve the parents-children relationship
  • Irina BOGDANOVICA: The impact of Practising Primaristics on People from Different Age Group
  • Rodica Mariana TUCRA: The Story of a Fracture: how did Primaristic Helped me to Heal        
  • Dr. Carmen Maria STURZA: The Primaristic Eye Looks at 320 Drawings
  •  Prof. Dr. Herbert PFEIFFER: Considerations on Primaristic and on Primarists

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