Luiza Rodica Dumitrescu

Institutul Primaristic Romania,
Locatia Str Paul Greceanu nr.37, Interfon parter, Sector 2 ,Bucuresti
tel: 0743 105 670

If more and more people learned about the effects of Primaristic on their health and parent-child relationships and decided to practice Primaristic, many families would have a more fulfilled and happier life.

By practicing Primaristic, as a result of the interruption of primary reflexes, our students manage to get out of anxiety and depression, regulate their sleep, and finally, reinforce communication with their parents.

The many cases found in the practice of Primaristic and the results obtained by our students prove that “Primaristic – A Program of Life” is the necessary and effective solution for those who want to live in health and harmony with their family and the society.

©️ SIMON KLEIN Photography