Ruxandra Ioana Draghicescu

tel: 0723 565 505
©️ SIMON KLEIN Photography

Our mind and body are in a symbiotic relationship and cannot be separated. Everything that happens in the mental plane has an effect on the physical plane and vice versa.

Our body perceives our thoughts and translates them physically into emotional experiences. All relevant experiences in our lives activate more or less intensely the primary reflexes. These experiences are stored in a complex way together with their motor, sensory, intellectual and emotional parts.

An individual who is governed by primary reflexes cannot fully exert and experience his/her abilities. Primary reflexes impose constraints on the individual, as if he/she were trapped in a corset. Primaristic rips open the corset and releases the individual.

Through the purely physical experience of practicing the Primaristic positions, the senses are freed from primary reflexes. This results in significant changes to the unity of body-mind-emotion.

Primaristic is a method that can help anyone at any age, regardless of how old and serious the trauma might be.